Travel Insurance for the U.S.A

America has beautiful blue waters, beaches, snow-capped mountains, and gorgeous cities. This diverse country welcomes you with an open heart. Its spectacular scenery and exceptionally beautiful tourist destinations will enchant you. As for traveling to the countries listed under the United States, there are many places to visit here. Whether it’s a solo trip to Florida, a backpacking trip to Alaska, a family trip to Grand His Canyon, or a trip to Las Vegas with friends, America has plenty to offer. Traveling in the United States can be a lot of fun, but traveling to this country without travel insurance can be very dangerous. Please select a plan. Travel Insurance for the U.S.A




The U.S.A. Important information for traveling

Category: Leisure/Business/Education

Currency: US Dollar

Best time to visit: May to September

Visa Type for Indians: Pre-approved

Must Visit: Florida, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, New York and Disney Land.



US Travel Insurance:

The US is a traveler-friendly continent, but it’s still important to protect your luggage and travel plans. Common mishaps such as lost luggage and flight delays can greatly spoil your travel plans. That’s why it’s so important to have travel insurance for your next US tour.

# The above information is for informational purposes only. Please check with your travel agent or embassy before planning your trip.




what does that involve?

medical coverage

emergency medical expenses

As a trusted partner in the event of a medical emergency, rely on cashless treatment facility support can.




Emergency dental expenses

We believe that dental care is as important as hospitalization due to physical illness or injury. Therefore, we will cover any dental expenses incurred during the trip. Follow the terms of the policy.




Medical clearance

When we say our travel insurance will get you out of trouble in no time, it’s not just a ruse. In the case of emergency medical transportation by air or land, we will safely transport you to the nearest hospital.




Hospital Daily Cash Allowance

Small hospital bills can strain your travel budget. But we cover all those small costs too, so you can use your money to preserve your beautiful memories. We are always by your side in difficult times. In case of death, we will bear the cost of transporting the body to the country.




Medical aid and body recovery

We will stand by you at all times, especially in difficult times. In case of death, we will bear the cost of bringing the dead body back to the country.




Death due to an accident

We believe in supporting you in your good times and your bad. That’s why our travel insurance offers a fixed amount of coverage to your family in the event of an accidental death abroad.




Permanent disability

In unfortunate circumstances, an accident can leave a permanent disability. In the event of such an event, temporary compensation will be provided to cover the financial burden.




Travel coverage

Personal liability

If you are held responsible for damage caused by a third party abroad, our travel insurance will cover this damage. Follow the terms of the policy.




Financial emergency assistance

If you’re traveling around the world, a robbery or robbery at this time of year can leave you in a sudden cash crisis. HDFC ERGO provides a remittance facility from the insured’s family to India based family.




Hijack Distress Allowance

Being kidnapped on a plane is a very sad experience.
On the other hand, if the relevant agencies resolve this issue, we will also take responsibility and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this tension.




Flight delay

While we cannot control flight delays, there are definitely things we can do to mitigate any problems this delay may cause. The Delayed Flight Refund feature allows you to recoup the necessary costs incurred by this setback.




Hotel Accommodation

Medical emergencies mean that hotel reservations may need to be extended by a few days. If you are concerned about these additional costs, please let us know. I will take care of you until you recover.




baggage coverage

Loss of belongings and personal documents

Loss of luggage or personal documents such as passports – can happen to anyone. We will help reduce your stress by refunding the passport duplication/new issuance fee.




lost checked-in baggage

Lost Checked Baggage? This doesn’t mean you have to go without your most important holiday essentials. This loss will be compensated.




Check-in baggage delay

Nobody likes to wait. So, if you’re late in picking up your luggage, we’ll refund you what you need until you pick it up so you can enjoy your vacation as planned.




What is not included in this?

violation of law

Sickness or health problems resulting from war or invasion are not covered.




drug abuse

The policy does not accept claims for use of intoxicating or prohibited substances.




pre-existing diseases

If you have been ill prior to your insurance trip and are receiving medical treatment for pre-existing medical conditions, your insurance will not cover the costs associated with these events.




Cosmetic and treatment for obesity

If you or your family decide to undergo cosmetic or bariatric treatments during your insured trip, these costs will not be covered.




self-inflicted injuries

Our insurance plans do not cover hospitalization or medical expenses due to self-harm.




frequently Asked question

1. How do I get a U.S. travel insurance plan?

You must take out travel insurance to cover your obligations. HDFC ERGO offers a variety of purchasing options, making it very easy to purchase your travel plans to the United States. Travel Insurance for the U.S.A. Below are such media –




Offline Medium

You can apply for US travel insurance by visiting your nearest HDFC ERGO office. A nomination form must be completed and sent to the company along with the award amount. The company underwrites the insurance policy and issues it after the underwriting is completed. Travel Insurance for the U.S.A




Online medium

The online medium is an easy way to purchase US travel insurance.
This policy is available for immediate purchase from the HDFC ERGO online website. The process is as follows –




Go to and click Buy Now

If you are traveling alone, traveling with your family, or as a student), enter your travel member’s information and age, then click

Then specify the USA as the country and enter your departure and arrival dates

Click on ‘View Quotation’ to view coverage options and the premium to be paid for them


Travel Insurance for the U.S.A




Choose the appropriate plan and pay the premium online

Your travel insurance policy will be issued immediately once the process is complete and free of charge during the period of insurance. the whole trip.

2. How much does US travel insurance cost?
3 Is it mandatory to purchase a US medical travel insurance plan?
4. Are there free medical facilities in the US?
5. Can foreigners get health insurance in the US?

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