Canada’s top 5 Insurance Companies

In recent years, support organizations around the world have partnered with brokerage firms and banks. Various economic institutions offer their customers a wider range of services. This is indeed the case for the Canadian insurance industry. This has seen a number of acquisitions and mergers in recent years. Canada’s top 5 Insurance Companies




Insurance Companies

Below are the five largest insurance groups in Canada based on annual revenue in 2019. Sales include gross coverage rates billed to policyholders. Earnings from investments in these fees and other compensation products that are embedded in investment products with mutual funds.



It is important to know that many insurance companies offer a variety of economic services, including wealth management. In conclusion, some financial firms may be larger than the groups listed here, but their hedging is not one of the biggest additions to revenue.




All figures are in Canadian and US dollars, 1.30 CAD per US dollar.
Key Findings

Key Findings

Manulife Financial is Canada’s leading coverage provider and offers a full range of money services.


Amazing – West Lifeco, Inc., the second largest insurance company, operates as a savings organization for six subsidiaries.


Toronto-based Sun Life Economics is one of the oldest insurance companies founded in 1865.




1. Manulife Financial Corp

Manulife Monetary (MFC) is Canada’s largest insurance company and also provides financial services. Headquartered in Toronto, the organization generated C$61 billion (US$47 billion) in revenue in 2019.



Manulife, through its subsidiary John Hancock, has operations in Canada, Asia, Europe and the United States. By the end of 2019, the company had approximately 38,000 employees and approximately 98,000 retailers. Manulife’s assets were C$1.2 trillion (US$920 billion).



The company became the Manufacturer’s Lifestyle Insurance Corporation in 1887 and purchased its first policy outside the United States in 1893 in Bermuda. In 2002, the China Insurance Contribution Regulation (CIRC) granted the agency branch permission to open a branch in Guangzhou. It has become the primary license for opening branches in China granted to overseas investment employers to cover lifestyles with common challenges. Manulife currently has licensed offices in more than 50 cities across the Chinese-speaking mainland.




2nd Great-West Lifeco

Brilliant-West Lifeco, Inc. is a Canada-based business services provider and acts as business protector for its six subsidiaries. This will cover customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Glorious-West Lifeco offers a wide variety of insurance including presence insurance, fitness insurance and disability insurance.



By the end of 2019, the company had approximately 24,000 employees and 30 million client advisory relationships.2




Fantastic West had assets of C$772 billion (US$594 billion). managing

Three High-Quality West generated approximately C$50 billion (US$38 billion) in revenue and protected investment income, including premium rates, deposits and dividends in 2019) is based entirely in Toronto. It is one of the oldest insurance companies founded in 1865. We provide health insurance regulations, investment products and wealth management services. The company has customers in Asia and the United Kingdom as well as the northern United States.




Solar Business has over 40,000 employees and nearly 126,000 consultants at the end of 2019. There were five C$1.1 trillion (approximately US$850 billion) properties managed by Sun Lifestyles. In 2019, sales of insurance-related products were approximately C$38 billion (US$29 billion).




These include insurance premiums and segregation fund deposits. These may be life insurance products within investment funds.




Solar Lifestyle generates additional revenue from the cost of submitting Coverage Management for the Enterprise Advantage Plan. This is called an ASO6 (Administrative Offering Best) contract.




4. iA Financial Group

Industrial Alliance Insurance and Economic Offerings (IAG.TO) operates its commercial business as IA Economic Group. The Company provides a wide range of insurance coverage and financial services to its customers, including businesses and individuals.




In 2015, the company focused on building its base in the United States. Founded in 1892, the company is headquartered in Quebec Town.



IA Economic Organization manages more than C$189 billion (US$145 billion) in total assets. Earn $11 in 2019


4 billion Canadians ($8.8 billion) make installments and deposits. C$313 billion general ownership (US$241 billion). Below are the late 2019 controls. We have over 48,000 employees in Canada and at one point we have 7 million customers. Top 5 Canadian Insurers



Coverage premium sales totaled C$9.4 billion (US$7.2 billion). Canada’s top 5 Insurance Companies

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